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Palms Trench

Palms Trench

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Our "Palm's Trench" - a vibrant green masterpiece that brings the spirit of the tropics to your wardobe. This trench coat is more than just outerwear; it's and embodiment of confidence, style, and a touch of exotics allure. 

Creafted with attention to every detail, the "Palms Trench" features a lush shade of green that instantly transports you to sun-soaked beaches and palm-lined promenades. Its classic silhouette, complete with a belt for a cinched waist, adds a timeless touch to your ensemble. 

Whether you're stepping out on a drizzly day or simply want to make a statement with your style, the "Palms Trench" is your go-to choice. Embrace the vibrant energy of this coat and let your fashion sense take you on a journey through tropical paradise, even when you're just strolling through the city. Revel in the elegance of the "Palms Trench" and let your style flourish like the lush greenery it represents.



  • Detachable belt wrap
  • Black buttons
  • One black button per arm (to shorten sleeves)
  • Knee length
  • Australian sizing (S=8, M=10, L=12)
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